The concept in Africa is after going a whole year without a decent meal, without new clothes and without shoes every bread earner for their family plan as long as five months before Christmas to give a decent meal, new cloth and shoe to family members and in fact many marriages breakup during Christmas for unfulfilled promises of a bottle of soda, rice and chicken meat, a new cloth and new shoes. While all this happening it is the dream of every child to have a decent meal on this day and a new cloth and shoes now it is what every child is expecting and praying for can we be an answer to their prayers and stand for those kids who have no families to care for them we are the only family they have.
Today we are helping 120 kids whom we provide everything for their well being staying aware of their wish and we as a ministry surrounded by needs we decided to set up a day of celebration for these 120 kids where we hope to provide a decent meal to them all and a pair of shoe to each one of them a pair of shoe that can not only be used in this celebration but also stay all the year from home to school while most of them are walking bare footed it cost $20 per pair
and a decent meal will cost $1,000 so altogether we need $3,400.
We ask everyone to share your joy this season with our kids in need nothing is too little the celebration will take place on 20th this month.
Note if you are planning to give towards this celebration your help should arrive before 16th this month for better preparations thank you friends for always making a difference. you can send help now DONATE
God bless you