OPEN HEART ORPHANAGE LAND FUND 

Open Heart Orphanage is reaching the level of independence in terms of house rent and now an opportunity to cater for daily feeding, it normally cost us $3,000 to feed all the 180 children we care for as floods and weather changes are inveding Uganda with loss of hundreds of people food prices have trippled and as of now it cost $6,000 to feed the children per month which is expected to continue in the country.

As some of you maybe aware that our orphanage have no income generating projects thats why we keep on asking for donations now we have an opportunity of a land walking distance from the orphanage were six acres are on sale at $60,000 with this land our team together with the children can make garden for enough food, vegetables can take two to three weeks to harvest and other types of food may take three to six weeks to harvest, one man said give a fish to a man and feed him all his life and give him a boat and net and he will feed himself for the rest of the time, it is too hard nearly impossible to keep on seeking funds for food on daily basis which we fail to do some times and kids go days without food we think that this is an opportunity for Open Heart Orphanage to become independent even if no one will donate the children will still survive without any starvation if we have this land.

We have no commitment fee at the moment to stop the owner from taking this land to the market we ask you givers and all lovers of orphaned children around the world to see how you can stand with us a commitment fee of $4,000 is urgently needed for a commitment agreement between Open Heart Orphanage and the owner.

We hope that the sooner we have this land it will provide us enough time at least to garden vegatables and simple food stuffs before to sustain the orphanage before other food is harvested. the information we have now is that once we raise 50% of $60,000 which is $30,000 we can have access on this land as we continue to raise the remaining money.

We sk you to pray, and share and donate to secure this piece of land.

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God bless you