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Just as the name implies, Meet Significant Needs provides essential support to programs and children needing the most attention. It helps out when another special fund needs a boost. Please consider a donation to Meet Significant Needs, your contribution will allow us to react quickly to a wide range of ministry needs.

                                                           UNDERGROUND WATER HARVESTING TANK 

Friends all the time our kids have been fetching water from a well which is not well protected yet it is in the land of someone which means although the whole village depends on this well to survive it is owned by a person, who decided one week back to sell this land to another owner who decided to use all this land for constructing houses for rent. Many people are already stressed by the deadline given by this new lawful owner who has given 13 days to the general public from 27th/November to December 10th/2014 to stop bypassing in his owned land for fetching water.

Although the government brought tap waters sources the monthly payments for this water for a family like ours with 23 members is always high which is not affordable while we have to pay for 19 kids school fees, look for daily feeding, pay electricity bills and many more, so sending kids to fetch water has been the better way to survive on this level though it had challenges still for example they had been always late for school, church and any other appointment because the whole village has been depending on the same well so some time it would take hours before kids get home and some times people fight for the same water because some people wants to be the first even thought they were not the first to arrive on this well. 

After much consultation, thinking and praying we finally thought about the Under ground water harvesting tank which we had to involve a technical person for details on this idea, he found out that we have enough roof for water harvesting during a rainy season and we get this water stored in this tank of 15000 litters which is more than enough for us until the next rainy season because each day we use a minimum of 200 litters and the longest it would take without raining it would be two months. And this tank can serve the orphanage for the next 30 years.

We talked to underground water tanks construction company and they confirmed that they can build this water tank in one week at the cost of $7,000 including materials and workers labor.

We ask everyone who ever helped Open Heart Orphanage Ministry and all who knows about Open Heart Orphanage Ministry to pray and consider standing with us raise $7,000 in this limited time still remaining to have this underground water tank secured.

$5,700 already raised $1,300 remaining

 You can use our donate page here DONATE

God bless you for your generosity 


We bring to your attention a need to stand for 17 orphaned needy kids in our ministry, these kids are part of the children we help by educating them. But these 17 are orphaned or unable to stay at with their parents or abandoned that is why our director decided to give them an opportunity to accommodate them.

The challenge is about their daily feeding we have to provide them with breakfast, lunch and supper which costs $25 per day.

You can help with $25 or more to provide $175 on weekly, it is our prayer that you will consider become one of those partners who can stand for these kids who are now under such great suffering. If you feel God is leading you to stand with us you can subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE or send one time every week DONATE

Still we have bank transfers if you can use them to transfer from your bank directly to the orphanage account in Uganda Mityana and you can use money gram or western union, if you have any question regarding how you can help send an email on: Or call us on: +256712338731, +256794338731

We ask your prayers for our entire ministry and these kids specifically in this area of feeding, protection and wisdom

Thank you for taking your valuable time to learn about this situation below are the photos of these kids.