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  Want to help further Open Heart's mission but can't figure out which cause to donate to? 
Then give to this great causes.

Just as the name implies, Meet Significant Needs provides essential support to programs and children needing the most attention. It helps out when another special fund needs a boost.  

Please consider a donation to Meet Significant Needs. Your contribution will allow us to react quickly to a wide range of ministry needs.

This is to make an alarm to all our treasured friends and well wishers as the needs of desperate kids in Uganda are continuing to grow we would like to bring to your attention one of the small organization on the ground which is struggling yet doing a great work in kids lives. The biggest problem with all small organization on grass root however real they may be always they face a challenge of winning trust of those whom God send to work with them, most of the time they cannot afford a website, registration taxes with our government which is also high and above all such organizations has no one to recommend them thus why we think it is very crucial for us when we find a grass root organization to step in and call the attention of our beloved friend to consider their work for the less fortune and destitute kids.

Living Hope For Christ Ministry is a very small ministry but with an open heart to suffering kids with their founder Ivan Bakka who do all he can to offer a chance of living to those without help, right now they are facing a hunger crisis with no one standing with them to continue helping the kids under them. You can be a blessing to this ministry by sending an email to them here: Email: or give them a call at +256757555913

Note: you may talk back to us by using our contact page to discuss more ways of helping as we are remembering the word of Lord and savior Jesus Christ 'It is more blessed to give than to receive Acts 20:35. God bless you


We bring to your attention a need to stand for 17 orphaned needy kids in our ministry, these kids are part of the children we help by educating them. But these 17 were homeless and very destitute thus why we decided to give them a chance to live by renting a house where they stay.

The challenge is about their daily feeding after their sponsor died three months ago we have to provide them with breakfast, lunch and supper which costs $25 per day.

We need seven partners who can afford $25 or more to provide $175 on weekly, it is our prayer that you will consider become one of those partners who can stand for these kids who are now under such great suffering. If you feel God is leading you to stand with us through providing feeding for the remaining four days every week you can subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE or send one time every week DONATE

Still we have bank transfers if you can use them to transfer from your bank directly to the orphanage account in Uganda Mityana and you can use money gram or western union, if you have any question regarding how you can help send an email on: Or call us on: +256712338731, +256794338731

We ask your prayers for our entire ministry and these kids specifically in this area of feeding, protection and wisdom

Thank you for taking your valuable time to learn about this situation below are the photos of these kids.