$2,000 RAISED


we have a new development about our school fundraising two hours ago we had blockers visiting school premises claiming they came because it is on sale yet what we talked about is giving us February to raise $25,000 first so I went to the owners of this place immediately and they said until we have a commitment fee we cannot keep this premises out of the market and he given us upto Tuesday 12th to pay commitment fee of $5,000 to keep this premises out of the market as we raise the remaining $20,000 before March.
Friends getting 180 orphaned children is not an option for and we are believing it is the will of God to own these premises after all there's no other place we can send all this number of children helped here.
I ask you friends to pray and consider standing with us to raise $5,000 from now and before 12th anything that God puts on your heart will help.

ORIGINAL INFORMATION:    Dear friends after two years of operating Happy Times Orphanage Nursery and Primary School on Monday morning this week the owners of these premises as you can see in the photos have decided to sale the premises of four classes and on the piece of land a half an acre where we help 180 children from and they have decided to offer this opportunity to us first at $45,000 before they take it to the public if we fail.

We really have no money and no place to relocate all of the 180 children we ask for your support we are demanded to pay $25,000 in this February then we shall have an agreement to pay the remaining money in six months you can donate through following ways as paypal is not accepted with Open Heart Orphanage currently they charge abnormal fees to cash out 50% we cannot allow this:



TO BANK: Centenary Rural Development Bank LTD Mityana Branch

ADDRESS: Uganda, Kampala



ACCOUNT Name: Open Heart Orphanage Ministry

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 9020443336


2. WAVE: secure and is online and is free for those from USA and Uk sending to friends and family in Uganda just visit the link download the app and send money instantly free of charge and we withdraw free of charge all you need is our registered MTNmobile money number +256789456996, Country: Uganda in the names of Hassan Mubiru.

3. WORLD REMIT: this also is a secure money transfer trusted by millions and they transfer money to Uganda and other parts of Africa on a very low charge still all you need is an MTNmobile money numer: 256789456996, Receipient names: Hassan Mubiru, Country: Uganda, Address: Mityana and email if needed:


4: WESTERN UNION: this one is not cheaper as the above transfers but still cheaper than paypal they may work online but they may require you to visit the location all you need is Receivers names: Hassan Mubiru and Country: Uganda after sending attach to this email the information to enable us pick the money you sent.

5: MONEYGRAM: they also transfer to Uganda still all you need is Receivers names: Hassan Mubiru, Country: Uganda and after sending let us know on this email.


Note all transfers apart from bank transfers are allowed as sent to family and friends they don't send to organizations or they will get the transfer cancelled, double check on the receivers names used before completing the transfer and make sure we are informed on this email ( .

The following are photos of the school currently