Getting to Mityana Uganda



Getting to Mityana Uganda takes time.  From North America, the trip usually takes more than a day.  Typically, planes fly from North America to London or Amsterdam and then on to Entebbe in Uganda (via British Airways or KLM).

Flight costs vary depending on the country of departure, current economic conditions and fuel prices. Typically, prices range from $1400 US to more than $2000 US.  In addition to the cost of flights, a Uganda entry visa which costs $50 US must be purchased.  While this visa may be obtained in advance through an embassy, it can also be purchased in the airport from local Ugandan officials.  If you intend to purchase a visa at the Entebbe airport, you will need to have the $50 US payment in cash when you land.

Once in Uganda, we will happily arrange to meet you or your team at the Entebbe airport. We can easily arrange vans or busses to transport medium to large groups.  Please contact us in advance to discuss transport arrangements for you or your team.  The trip from Entebbe airport skirts the Uganda capital city of Kampala and takes 1.5 to 2 hours to get to Mityana.  Mityana is due-west from Kampala on highway that is partially paved and partially dirt.

individuals around the world and groups come to Mityana to work with Open Heart Orphanage Ministry  and Disciples Christian Fellowship Church.  Some come to teach the children, others to education and build up school teachers, Pastors or ministry leaders in our community.  We are blessed to host these events and welcome the input of Christ's international body.

To help you asses the expenses your team will incur during your trip to Mityana, we have included the following ground travel estimates.  The cost of transportation is $100 US for a trip to Mityana.  For medium sized groups, we must hire a car and driver or a van and driver.  A vehicle with a driver typically costs $150US.  We usually hire a bus with a driver for large groups and this cost is approximately $350 US.  Please contact us to discuss the options in more detail and we will make sure you have precise costings.


Mityana Town 


Once you arrive in Mityana Uganda, you will want to meet the people and look around our town.  Mityana has several banks, shops that carry most required consumer goods, markets with groceries as well as restaurants and other services.  While prices in Mityana are often more expensive here than in our capital city of Kampala, you will find most things you may require.

As with most towns, Mityana has a downtown core with many homes surrounding the core. Open Heart Orphanage Ministry and Disciples Christian Fellowship Church spearhead many outreaches in and around Mityana.


Uganda has beautiful and diverse habitat for animals.  Our national parks click here include traditional African savannah as well as snow-capped mountains and tropical jungle.  It's not unusual for those who visit Open Heart Orphanage Ministry to spend a few days on safari to see our wildlife first hand.  We can assist you in finding the right safari should you wish to do so.  Mityana is only a few hour east of Queen Elizabeth National Park where Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Hippos and many more animals can be found.   

Working at Open Heart Home 


Most people who visit us plan time with our children.  Open Heart Home School provides full-time care for 50+ children and schooling for an additional 300+ local kids.  Visitors frequently invest a major portion of there time playing with and getting to know the kids.  Often, a major component of the work teams plan is teaching children or equipping teachers to better serve the children.

Open Heart is glad to put your abilities to work growing our children mentally or spiritually and our sharing your wisdom with our staff.  In fact, we often invite children from the areas surrounding Mityana to come and benefit from the Open Heart team.  Perhaps your group would like to work with out staff to educate and minister to a few hundred children from rural areas.  Alternately, your team may have skills and techniques you would like to share with our teachers and other adults in the Mityana area.  We would love to benefit from your wisdom if you will invest in us.