Dear friends we are glad to share with you the following information on how your donation is being used.
 61% Food and supplies for the children, 10% School fees and supplies, 26% Rent, 1% Mentor needs, 
2% Miscellaneous operating costs
It is of importance to us to let you know where your money goes. So many charities out there have such high administration costs, so when you donate, most of your money pays the big men at the head of the organization. Not us! Not one of our partners, or anyone who does administration work gets paid.... not one! Our only administration fees go to the re-registration fees of our Non-Governmental Organization status in Uganda. A big portion of our fees used to go to Housing & Utilities...when we shall get back to our own home, we shall cut down on most, if not all of those costs, so that we can spend more on just saving more children. We are making great strides with this by establishing our permanet home, eliminating rental fees. And we shall dig our own well and are going to install solar panels for electricity. This will eliminate those utilities
having to be paid also. It will give us twice as much of our donors money to be used on saving twice as many children from poverty, sex slavery, disease, and death. Please help us be self-sustaining more on our Donate page  to fulfill our goal of all the money going straight to saving children's lives. 
We ask you to remember also that War, Disease, and Poverty has stricken Uganda more than almost any other country in the world. The people have been devastated and there are many children left with no one to care for them and give them the basic needs to survive. Open Heart Orphanage Ministry is saving these children.
Help us get food after food prices have increased due to covid-19 most items have already tripled this has left us speechless instead of using $100 to feed all the children we are using now to over $400 each single day.

God bless you
Yours faithfully
Pastor Hassan Mubiru