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There is an orphan crisis in Uganda. Currently the country is home to nearly 3.4 million children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty and civil conflict. In fact, Uganda has the largest orphan population per capita of any country in the world.

Open Heart Orphanage Ministry is to support and empower hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda to lead successful and productive lives. What drives us is that all children in Uganda receive an education to become healthy, productive members of their community who assume leadership roles and positively impact Ugandan society.

Can I help Africa? How can I help Africa? well, there are many more things you can do to help Africa You can sponsor a child today. You can donate to charitable organizations such as Open Heart Orphanage Ministry and "feed the children". You can go to Africa and see things for yourself and see what you can do to help. You can help save a child's life today and you can help change the harsh living conditions in Africa for the better. You can spread the word to others and help give voice to the poor in Africa. You can give someone a decent life and help build a happy home for the less fortunate. Don't be afraid to travel to Africa because Africans are very friendly and hospitable. Africans do not fake their smiles and there are no strangers in Africa so go and help!

The world today is changing rapidly, and we are helping to make it better for our children’s future we ask you to pray and consider joining to change hundreds of lives who have no where to go in Uganda.

Thank you for availing your funds and time to become an Open Heart Orphanage Ministry sponsor and we welcome you to our extended family of supporters. You’re an asset in the life of these children and your generous support and prayers are not in vain.

Exchange Rate (Local currency/US$): 1 US$ is worth 3,500 Ug Shillings

Here are some examples of the power of your donation

$10 can buy five pairs of uniform stocks.

$20 provides 1 new uniform including a project sweater and an orange t-shirt which can work for a full year or two.

$115 sponsors a child for one month of school fees in primary school, with daily meals and medical.

$100 buys 5 pairs of good black leather uniform shoes.

$13,800 Buys food for all 230 children per month every day three meals.

$150,000 Can secure the land and two block building to contain the current number of children with the project’s future b, other projects and cultivation for the project’s self food sustainability.

You can also help us buy the following which are vital for the learning of the children.

Stationeries like exercise books, pencils, crayons and playing tools like jig saws and to mention but a few.





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