What is Sport and Development?

‘Sport & Development’ refers to the use of sport as a tool for development and peace.
Actors in sport, academia, private sector, non-profit and non-governmental organisations, government agencies, UN agencies and international organisations, the media, the general public as well as young people are increasingly interested in the potential of sport as a tool to reach personal, community, national and international development objectives. They are also interested in how sport can be used as a tool for addressing some of the challenges that arise from humanitarian crises and in conflict and post-conflict settings.

As sport becomes increasingly part of humanitarian and development work, as well as a part of the corporate social responsibility practices of some private sector actors, interested parties are anxious to explore the potential, as well as the limitations, of sport in their work.

For these very different actors to understand each other better, it becomes necessary to develop common definitions and frameworks for action in order to improve practice.

The UN's perspective on Sport & Development

“People in every nation love sport. Its values – fitness, fair play, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence – are universal. At its best, it brings people together, no matter what...

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) meets with Wilfried Lemke, his Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace.

“Sport is increasingly recognized as an important tool in helping the United Nations achieve its objectives, in particular the Millennium Development Goals. By including sport in development and peace programmes in a more systematic way, the United nations can make full use of this cost-efficient tool to help us create a better world.”
Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General

“Sport has a crucial role to play in the efforts of the United Nations to improve the lives of people around the world. Sport builds bridges between individuals and across communities, providing a fertile ground for sowing the seeds of development and peace.”
Wilfried Lemke, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace


What is 'sport'?

In the area of Sport & Development, ‘sport’ is generally understood to include physical activities that go beyond competitive sports

What is 'development'?

There are various ways in which the term 'development' is used. Read more here for definitions of 'development' used in relation to 'Sport & Development'

What do we mean by ‘development’?

According to the International Working Group on Sport for Development and Peace, sport is seen to have the most benefits in:

  • Individual development
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Promotion of gender equality
  • Social integration and the development of social capital
  • Peace building and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Post-disaster/trauma relief and normalisation of life
  • Economic development
  • Communication and social mobilisation.

Sport has been linked to the Millennium Development Goals but it has been widely recognised that sport alone will not be able to achieve all eight goals. In the past, sport has been most commonly linked to: eradication of poverty and extreme hunger; achieving universal primary education; responding to the psychosocial needs of victims of disasters and emergencies; promoting gender equality and empowering women; and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

As one of our Objectives to To see the less privileged (orphans, AIDS orphans etc) going back to school, getting food and shelter and knowing God. Sports development- raise awareness of sporting disciplines and impart skills to individuals and communities. we've started sports activities to help improve skills and raise awareness.






1: To raise vibrant and dynamic youth that combines intellectual capacity with spiritual profundity for God and Humanity through sports.

2: To help young people to raise their aspirations, recognize their potential and have their achievements recognized through the word of God.

3: To help the young people to overcome the effects of poverty and develop the capacity to create a new future for themselves and their community through the word of God and sports.

4: To tackle childhood obesity and fatigue through sports.

5: To kick outs and eliminate HIV/AIDS through sports:

6 To help people for future sports participation.

7: To organize and brings the student together through live interactive sports events and share the gospel.

8: To pray for the student and the staff of the school in other to achieve excellence.

I believe young people have the power to make positive change ; literally every organization and young people should understand that a strong and dynamic future means good leadership

SPORTS CAMP VOLUNTEER; individuals and groups are needed to assist us in training our teams to bring new skills on the ground.

SUPERSTAR TEAM. Individuals who can help us financially on a regular basis become members of our superstar team and provide critically needed items like sports team uniforms, shoes, balls to keep our programs going .Small or large one time or on going. all gifts are important to
the ministry of OPHOM